Saturday, November 27, 2010

D7 Google Reader

D7 Google Reader is a simple, fast and powerful Google Reader client for Android. It helps to access your reading list with ease from a native android application.

Features v1.2.0
  • Security of your Google account: no need to provide your username/password; an account can be chosen from the list of configured Google accounts.
  • Support for multiple Google accounts
  • Network traffic is compressed, hence uses less internet bandwidth.
  • No database writes ensures the faster operation in lagging (Galaxy S) devices
  • Ability to choose the startup screen between "Feeds" and "Reading list".
  • Add subscriptions by a click in the browser
  • Home screen widget with unread count
  • Feeds;
    • Choose between "Show all" and "Show updated" in preferences
    • Display unread count
  • Subscriptions;
    • Choose between "Show all" and "Show new" in preferences
    • Add subscription - directly form the browser by a click or type the URL
    • Remove subscription
    • Add label to subscription
    • Remove label from subscription
    • Remove/delete label
  • Subscription feed items
    • Read or mark as read
    • Mark all as read
    • Add or remove star
    • Share or unshare
    • Like or unlike
    • View original (click-able link within the reading view)
Scan the QR code below to locate it in the market.