Tuesday, December 28, 2010

D7 Google Reader - 1.4.1

v 1.4.1: REVAMPED INTERFACE and more functionality.
See the details below;

A simple, fast and powerful Google Reader client for Android; You can now access your reading list and manage your subscriptions with ease from a native application, which is always in sync with Google Reader.

*** D7 Reader Pro (ad-free paid version) is now available in the market ***

Main features
* Much faster than official Google Reader app
* No Lags (specially on Galaxy S devices)
* Google username/password is NOT required
* Multiple account support; switch between accounts with ease
* Utilizes low network traffic
* Add new subscription directly from your browser

* A dashboard with overview of your readings
  - Personalized recommended items from Google Reader
* Clean and friendly subscriptions management
  - Tree structure for labels and subscriptions
  - Add new subscription
  - Remove subscription
  - Add/Remove labels to/from subscriptions
  - Delete label from all subscriptions
* Articles list view with the ability to choose between show all or new items (configurable in preferences)
* Article view with support for social web
  - Volume key navigation (set in preferences) or using on screen buttons
  - Add/remove star
  - Share via Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS
  - Share/unshare in Google Reader
  - Like or unlike
  - View original article in browser
  - resized images for better user experience
* Home screen Widget with unread count display
  - Refresh interval can be configured
  - Does not update when the phone is in stand by (save battery power)
* And many more