Monday, February 13, 2012

D7 Reader 1.9.4

D7 Google Reader (free/pro) app has been updated to version 1.9.4 with more features and bug fixes in the Android market and GetJar.

Change log 1.9.4

  • Open youtube videos (article view), in youtube app or browser
  • Disable downloading of images in Article to save internet data.
  • Article view has the same holo background as the other screens (ICS only)
  • Internal mobilizer speed improvements when navigating between articles.
  • Indicator for mobilised view within the article header.
  • When reading list is the startup screen, mark all as read action will not exit the app.


  1. Thanks for very cool RSS Reader.

    I found very heavy behavior about reading articles.
    When D7 Reader reads this RSS feed, d7 reader become heavy and sometimes stops.
    Other RSS reader doesn't have this problem.
    So RSS feed doesn't have a problem.

    Subscription -> tap this site(very heavy and sometimes stops)
    -> tap article(very heavy)

    I'm not familiar with English.
    Excuse me, describe is poor.

  2. Overview mode solves the problem.

    I can continue using d7 reader.