Tuesday, November 8, 2011

D7 Reader 1.8.4 (free/paid versions)

New versions of the apps have been released market just now. This update brings the following features.

Change log 1.8.4

  • Added/removed features according to the recent Google Reader changes (share in reader, like actions)
  • Improved Read It Later support (no need to enter credentials when ReadItLater app is installed)
  • Customizable swipe actions in article list
  • Made account switch easy
  • Share in Google+ (app needs to be installed)
  • Ability to view +1 for articles
  • Improved label/tag support for subscriptions and articles
  • Bug fixes


  1. i want to buy pro version but i have a question: in adfree ver there's no possiblity to save images from feed. Is there any options to do it in pro?

  2. No, pro doesn't support saving the image as well. Both versions let you to save the article instead.

  3. so there's no chance to add this possibility in future?

  4. It's in the future todo list, but I can't guarantee when will it make to the release.