Sunday, November 27, 2011

D7 Reader Free/Pro 1.9.0

New versions of the 2 apps have been released to the market with nice visual and functional changes.

Change log 1.9.0

  • Article view - more 1 touch actions, permanent nav/share bar, article position in title bar
  • Subscriptions - tap on the left icon with arrow to expand or collapse, tap on the row to load the articles
  • UI tweaks (icon change, and more)
  • Share in G+ with article title and the link
  • Facebook/Twitter share - uses the official app to share if installed locally
  • Saved article view - always visible nav bar
  • Removed +1 count (performance)
  • Reduced apk size
  • bug fixes


  1. Is possible make tag scroll like music by the initial letter cause i have a huge number of tags and i lose time searching for it

  2. This version breaks sharing through Android's API for Twitter and other services. I am now regretting buying the app, going back to Google Reader.

  3. @djah, I will add your request to my todo list and I cn't guarantee the eta though.

    @Marc, what do mean by beeaking the Android API? This version just triggers the relevant social app when sharing and nothinf to break any APIs

  4. I'm now unable to switch between articles without going back to the feed.

  5. App wont retain settings after exiting. Why is this?

  6. Best reader I have used thus far.. Just two comments -
    Atrix running 2.3.4 - double tap article consistently goes to force close and restarts.. Is it possible to have the subscription list display when app opens?