Thursday, December 1, 2011

D7 Reader

This release is to enhance a feature which was added in the last release. Update if you want to use this change now.

Change log

  • Made Navigation bar and share buttons visibility to be configured via preferences (also double tap within article view to toggle visibility)


  1. don't know if someone already reported this bug but it looks like app crashes when you change rss view into web view on a feed containing animated gif images (ex. from to,animowane_gify_nr91,5447,0,0.html)

  2. Hi there
    Why I can't have blog name classification in latest version?
    In earlier version I have blog name under my directories but in this new release I don't have them and also there is no option to set.
    Please help!

  3. Great app btw. Would like to see am option to mark articles read in list view when scrolled off-screen.


  4. Also remove +1 icon from top the posts!

  5. Couldn't audio/video files be filtered and listed in a seperate playlist that plays continuously and is editable.

  6. I had posted this to the wrong version should be v1.9.0.1 pro

    Best reader I have used thus far.. Just two comments -
    Atrix running 2.3.4 - double tap article consistently goes to force close and restarts.. Is it possible to have the subscription list display when app opens?

  7. Thanks for your support. I will fix the FC on double tap, in the next version (soon).

  8. I have updated to v1.9.1.1 thru the android market - Still receiving force close on double tap of article