Saturday, July 28, 2012

D7 Reader

This is a minor patch release to fix an issues in Android 4+ devices.

Change log:

  • Fixed overlapping content in Article view for Android 4+ devices.


  1. Thank you it is amazing & fast RSS app.
    For sharing article please add the title with the link(this may option in the settings)

  2. Like the app, but my share bar at the bottom of each article is gone. How to fix?

  3. D7 is the best and most usable reader I have found on Android, and I've tried almost all. Nice work.


    1. The subscriptions in folders are in alphabetical order, but the subscriptions that are not in folders are not in alphabetical order. Can all subscriptions be in alphabetical order?

    2. The widget takes up too much space and cannot be put in the dock. Can you fix it?

    3. There seems to be very few articles in recommendations.


  4. Are there any plans to allow background customisation / transparency? I like the dark ui theme but would prefer a background of my own choosing in article view mode. Thanks!

  5. Will D7 work after Google Reader shuts down?

  6. As Google Reader is planning on shutting down its service will there be an option to simply/seamlessly import my subscriptions and their current settings and labels? Thank you.

  7. In lue of Google readers impending closure will you include a media player that supports video and include a playlist with new podcast support and episode deletion settings.

  8. I'd love to keep using d7 after google Reader shuts down. Any chance of using feedly's new cloud api's?