Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Future of D7 Reader after Google Reader shut down

D7 Reader will not be dead after the Google Reader shut down on the 1st of July, 2013. Different solutions are being worked on to switch to a different service as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support!


  1. I sure hope so! I'm stuck using feedly reader right now. you should switch to feedly cloud.

    BTW, is there a way to mark items read as you scroll through the list?

  2. Very good news. I have already switched over to Feedly Cloud. Bring on the update.

  3. Great news!
    It was very frustrating trying to use other readers as they don't support mobilizing of the pages very well.

    BTW. is there any chance that there will be some more development on D7 Reader? (like tablet UI support or article prefetching?)

  4. actually, maybe it is a good momentum for trying to make D7 Reader more popular?

    as far as I have seen during this confusion with Google Reader shutdown, public is not very well introduced to good-working mobilizer function (there are solutions but they are clumsy like gReader showing all loading layers to user or feedly with it's ridiculous 3xclick policy to make things reasonably uncluttered)

    go D7! :)

  5. Please stay online, this reader is the best

  6. Yes, D7 is the best. It should be much more popular. Perhaps the Google Reader shutdown will help people to consider different RSS clients.

  7. Would really appreciate if there is an option to use The Old Reader with D7 Reader. Like it much better than Feedly.