Sunday, July 14, 2013

D7 Reader 2.2.5

Many users want D7 Reader to support another reader service in addition to feedly cloud. Those requests were positively considered and with today's update, D7 Reader adds "The Old Reader" to it's list of supported services.

Users can choose either of the service (need to logout of one service to choose the other) to be used with the app. Unlike feedly, the old reader only supports basic features from Google Reader. Starring, tagging, recommended articles, podcasts and feed/article search are few of the unsupported features. The team behind the old reader are working hard to get all this delivered as soon as possible.

Below is the change log for 2.2.5.

  • Added support for The Old Reader
  • Fixed the wrong latest time appearing for subscriptions 
  • Other minor fixes

As usual, enjoy the new version and provide any feedback here or via email. Please show your appreciation via Google Play ratings.

Thank you.


  1. when you fixed sort-by-oldest (last update before this one; thanks), it broke mark-all-as-read within the article-list for a feed (checkmark icon). works still when sorting by newest, or when performing action from feed-list with long-press action.

    article times as seen in feed-list are now correct with the latest update, thanks.

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  3. is it possible that some recent fix could have broken feedly's notion of article "newness" for a given user+feed? perhaps because I use sort-by-oldest (which was recently fixed)?

    since the 14th, it seems that every feed I've done a mark-all-read on, are no longer functioning correctly. All new articles that arrive are marked old, even though I won't be connected with any client. The oldness is visible in feedly's own android client as well as the html5 interface.

    The feeds appear to be "stuck" in a permanent state where all new articles are seen as old.

    These *could* be feeds for which I had tried using the article-list version of mark-all-read (which, as mentioned in my first comment on 2.2.5, does not work with sort-by-oldest), before realizing that only the feed-list version (via long-press) works.

    could the same bug affecting d7 also have inserted the wrong "user-last-read" timestamp on the server for these feeds? which has now broken the feeds themselves?

    if so, any idea how to fix them for now so it's usable from eg the html5 interface?

    I've written Feedly about this using multiple methods, but no response in two days.

    is there somewhere with documentation of the Normandy API? cannot seem to find anything to see if it's even possible for a client to mess up a server like this.