Wednesday, July 24, 2013

D7 Reader 2.2.6

I was going to release an update this week with a most requested feature; ability to set subscription specific mobilizer. However, an annoying bug had appeared today due to a Feedly api update happened last night. So, I have bundled the changes and released them together as 2.2.6.

Change log for version 2.2.6

  • Fixed "Failed to update ..." error
  • Added subscription specific article view (set a mobilizer per subscription) - PRO version only
  • Fixed crash when adding subscription from browser
  • Other minor fixes 


  1. I tried subscribing to Google Drive Blog at:

    articles show up in Feedly, but do not show up in d7, whether show-all or show-new filter is selected.

    1. several other feeds show this as well, including some that had already existed prior to 2.2.6. all show in Feedly. let me know if you need more feed URLs to test.

      note that some feeds I just added now are totally fine, so it seems inconsistent.

    2. these feeds show up in d7 when sort-by-newest is enabled. the feeds are empty as above only with sort-by-oldest.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Scott! I will have a look at this.